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Material Performance

Compare our WALLTITE® spray foam insulation to traditional systems and you will see that our spray foam insulation sits firmly above other alternatives on the market.

Thermal Conductivity

Below are the declared thermal conductivity values for WALLTITE® by Bright Home Renewables Insulation:

Thickness (mm) Conductivity (Wm²/K)
Less than 80mm 0.0269
80mm to 120mm 0.0257
Over 120mm 0.0247

The system uses “permanent” type blowing agents and has a closed cell content of over 90%. Values are derived using the “fixed increment” procedure after undergoing Normality checks at the BBA.

Covered by test reports 5874 BIN & 5874 BAN.

For diffusion open faces:

Thickness (mm) Conductivity (Wm²/K)
Less than 40mm 0.0269
40mm to 60mm 0.0257
Over 60mm 0.0247


Compare Bright Home Renewables Insulation With Traditional Systems

  WALLTITE Glass fibre Wool Blown cellulose Open-cell foam
U-Value (100mm) 0.25 0.33 0.33 0.33 0.33
Approved air barrier system Yes No No No Yes
  Air leakage 
<0.0033m³/hr/m² at 
50mm thickness
      Air leakage
          at 130mm thickness
Seamless construction Yes No No No Yes
Rigid Yes No No No No
Fully adhered Yes No No No Yes
Adds structural strength Yes No No No No
Long service life Yes No No No Yes
Absorbs water 0.05kg/m² Yes Yes Yes Yes
Allows moisture vapour in Minimal Yes Yes Yes Yes