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Container Insulation for the Agricultural and Marine Sectors

Spray foam insulation is a tried and tested method for eliminating condensation problems in all kinds of shipping container. Protect your contents and contact us today on 0800 690 6338.

What is the problem with uninsulated shipping containers?

Shipping containers make ideal storage spaces, however, condensation on the internal ceiling and walls is a common problem if you neglect to insulate them properly. 

Condensation is more likely to become a problem in containers that have previously been used for shipping, as each container is usually steam cleaned between each job.

This is a necessary procedure that eliminates the risk of contamination, though the downside is that the porous timber floor will always retain some of the moisture, putting your container at a heightened risk of developing a condensation problem.

Ensuring that your containers are fully lined and insulated will help guarantee that condensation doesn’t present a threat to their contents. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements for container insulation.

Solve your container's condensation problem with spray foam insulation

At BHR, we specialise in the commercial application of spray foam insulation to solve condensation and insulation problems in all types of shipping containers and storage units.

Our team use the latest closed-cell PU spray foam, which is a high-performance solution that can be installed quickly and with minimum disruption. We also use the highest quality manufactured chemicals from WALLTITE® to produce unparalleled results for you on site.

WALLTITE® spray foam insulation is ideal for protecting and insulating containers. Find out more about shipping container spray foam insulation and contact our team today.

Closed-cell PU Spray foam offers significant benefits

WALLTITE® spray foam is a liquid mixture consisting of two raw materials - a resin and a hardener - obtained from crude oil. The product is spray-applied and combines during application, hardening within 3-5 seconds. Only a single application is required, making WALLTITE® a fast, efficient, cost-effective method for insulating your shipping containers.

What are the benefits of shipping container spray foam insulation?

  • Eliminates condensation
  • The insulation is not a food source for mould
  • Reduces corrosion and prolongs the life of the container
  • Offers excellent energy efficiency
  • Creates an airtight barrier. Near zero air permeability in a single application
  • Warm in the winter, cool in the summer
  • Superior Insulation values and heat gain
  • Dries rapidly with no waiting time
  • Class 1 Fire Rating – BS476 part 7
  • Offers excellent acoustic performance
  • Closed-cell greater than 90% with V Ratings 0.028W/mK – 0.025W/mK depending upon thickness applied
  • Grafotherm takes 2 weeks to dry out, WALLTITE® is completely dry and the container is ready to use within 1 hour of finished application
  • Adapts to the shape of any substrate, insulating difficult areas
  • WALLTITE® is only installed by BASF Trained Professional, approved contractors, making it reliable
  • Material safety data sheets are available
  • PU Technology is Formaldehyde FREE, uses a Zero Ozone depleting blowing agent technology & does not emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Off-gassing of this product has been measured as 0.000 parts
  • BBA Approved, British Standards, Code of Practice, Building Regulations. Foam masters – BASF Approved
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  • Brochures, photographs and data sheets available for us to email to you

Ideal uses for spray foam insulation:

  • Cold store roofs
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops
  • Shipping / Storage containers
  • Sports hall facilities
  • Airport hangars
  • Hardened aircraft shelters
  • Frameless type buildings
  • Government and military buildings

Contact us today for shipping container insulation

WALLTITE® closed-cell PU spray foam by BHR is used in many shipping containers across the UK used for storage purposes both privately and in self-storage centres. Prevent damage to your stored goods or stock due to condensation, by contacting our team of experts today on 0800 690 6338.