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Cavity Wall Insulation

Your uninsulated residential or commercial building could be losing up to 35% of its heat! Start making great energy savings today with our cavity wall insulation.

By investing in cavity wall insulation, you can significantly reduce heat loss from your home. Contact our team of experts on 0800 690 6338 to arrange cavity wall insulation in London, the Midlands and the South.

What is cavity wall insulation?

The concept of cavity wall insulation involves filling the cavity between the two layers of masonry bricks with an insulating material. 

This material dramatically slows the transference of heat through your wall, thus preventing heat from escaping your property at a fast rate. This concept also works in reverse by keeping your house cooler in the summer months.

Installing cavity wall insulation in your property will not only help to reduce your heating bills, but it will also help to reduce your carbon footprint by limiting the amount of CO² and other greenhouse gases emitted from your property.

Is my property suitable for cavity wall insulation?

If your property was built after the late 1930s, then chances are that it has a cavity present between the inner and outer walls and are therefore eligible for cavity wall insulation. 

Cavity walls were first introduced because they provided slightly better protection against rain penetration, however, when uninsulated they offer a relatively poor thermal performance overall. In many cases, this is well below the standards required by current building regulations.

What are the benefits of cavity wall insulation?

These properties suffer from unacceptably high levels of heat and energy loss through the walls. When a hot room is separated from the cold outdoors by a wall, heat will move through the wall, eventually cooling the room until an equilibrium is reached. Equilibrium is when the outside temperature is equal to the inside temperature. This very rarely happens, because rooms tend to be heated, leading to a never-ending cycle of heating and heat loss.

The more dramatic the difference in temperature between the indoors and outdoors of your property, the more accelerated the movement of thermal energy across the wall becomes. Cavity wall insulation helps provide a thermal barrier, which slows the flow of heat through your walls considerably.

By slowing down the rate at which heat escapes from the home, less heating is then needed to keep the house at the required temperature. In the summer, the reverse happens; hot air outside the home can’t get in as easily, which means you don’t need to use as much energy to keep the building cool.

In both summer and winter, cavity wall insulation can make an enormous difference to your energy bills, as well as your comfort. Contact our team today on 0800 690 6338 to discuss the potential cavity wall insulation holds for you and your property!