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Can spray foam insulation make walls stronger?


Adding closed-cell polyurethane spray foam to your walls and roof does indeed strengthen your property and help to extend lifespan. In fact, spray-applied closed-cell polyurethane foam is the only insulating material that adds structural integrity to walls where it is applied.

Closed-cell spray foam strengthens stud walls

Building regulations stipulate that a property’s walls must be designed to withstand certain lateral and compressive forces, such as that caused by high winds and the weight of the roof. However, while still considered ‘safe’, when wood and metal wall panels are built to minimum standards, a certain amount of movement is expected, which can cause creaking.

Testing shows that applying closed-cell spray foam between stud wall panels increases resistance against ‘racking events’ such as strong gusts of wind and increases shear strength.

Other examples of how spray foam insulation can strengthen walls

Multiple exterior facing materials were tested for their strength both prior to the addition of closed-cell spray foam and after. 

It was recorded that rack and shear strength were increased by up to three times compared to standard timber frame components with glass fibre insulation when sprayed onto gypsum wallboard. Racking strength was also increased when closed-cell spray foam insulation was added to oriented strand board.

Finally, closed-cell spray foam injected into a wall cavity is able to bond together the two leaves of masonry in situations where the existing cavity wall ties have failed.

There is ample evidence that adding closed-cell spray foam insulation can increase the strength and durability of weaker walls. Our team are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about closed-cell spray foam insulation and how it could benefit you. Contact us today on 0800 690 6338.