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5 Spray foam insulation myths


From its safety to the effectiveness of its seal, there are still a lot of misconceptions about spray foam insulation and whether it’s the premier option for your house. If you’re looking for good coverage and insulation that’s proven to be safe and protect against mould and fungus, spray foam is a great option and worth learning a little more about.

It only insulates

The primary reason for spray foam insulation is obviously to keep your house warm, but that’s not just the only reason to invest. Spray foam repels moisture, saving your loft from unnecessary mould and mildew, meaning that it doesn’t just keep your property warmer, but more hygienic.

Spray foam insulation could be provided by my energy company

You may have heard that your energy company can insulate your home for free: spray foam insulation however isn’t free. Thanks to the government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, companies such as EDF Energy and Eon offer free loft and cavity wall insulation, but this doesn’t cover spray foam insulation.

It can make the house “air tight”

Surely if you’re keeping all the cold air out of the house with an airtight seal, you’re going to keep all the warm air trapped in the house? No, this isn’t the case. So long as you have satisfactory ventilation in your house, you’re not going to create an “air tight” effect.

Spray foam is new and untested

In the 1960s, polyurethane foam was used in all types of commercial refrigeration applications. While there are many dangerous products we used to use in our homes that we now know the danger of – such as asbestos – spray foam insulation is not one of them. It’s come a long way in the last fifty years, and these days, application methods and equipment are very modern.

Spray foam is dangerous

Spray foam contains fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) than other types of insulation. It has no food value either, so fungus and bacteria won’t grow on it and attract pests or infestations.

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