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4 Questions you may have about spray foam insulation


Spray foam insulation is quick and easy to install, but there are still plenty of questions that property owners have about the process. From its waterproof capabilities to how it smells, we asked our experts to talk through some of the questions they face most regarding spray foam insulation.

Does spray foam insulation smell?

Spray foam can smell if it is installed badly. Should you have it installed by professionals such as ourselves however, the insulation should just smell like a fresh coat of paint and should become unnoticeable in a week.

What happens if spray foam insulation gets wet?

Spray foam insulation is completely water tight. It’s used on the underside of roofs and should a roof become damaged and let moisture in, spray foam still holds up and repels the water from its surface.

Can spray foam insulation trap moisture against a surface?

Sometimes spray foam is applied against a metal surface such as a metal pole: it’s therefore natural to worry that any moisture on this surface can become trapped by the spray foam and rust the metal. Spray foam will in fact seal the movement of the moisture, so there shouldn’t be any condensation from moisture trapped against surfaces.

Will spray foam insulation rot my roof?

It’s a common question when it comes to spray foam installation, but spray foam insulation will not rot your roof if it is installed by a professional. This would only happen if the seal isn’t air-tight, allowing air and water to get into the roof.

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