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4 Benefits of commercial spray foam insulation


Spray foam insulation is strong, expansive and durable: if you’re looking for insulation that will not only last a long time but keep out moisture and mildew, then spray foam insulation comes with a number of benefits. We asked our insulation experts for their top reasons to invest in spray foam insulation.

It’s powerful

Spray foam is more effective than many popular types of insulation. It expands to cover cracks that other forms of insulation don’t, meaning that it can completely cover spaces with no gaps whatsoever. This also makes it very simple to install into any area.

It's cost-efficient

Having a well-insulated property is obviously going to save you money on energy bills. By keeping more of the heat in, you’re going to need to spend less time and effort heating your property. Spray foam insulation is a good investment for cutting costs, it’s suitable for all budgets, and it’s air-tight.

It can keep out moisture and mould

Air leaks are bad enough with insulation, but water and moisture can get through cracks if your insulation isn’t tight enough. Luckily, spray foam insulation is strong enough to stop moisture coming through; it’s also made of a polymer that will keep mould from growing on it.

It’s long lasting and eco-friendly

Spray foam insulation can theoretically last as long as necessary, given that it doesn’t break down over time. That makes it a great option for your insulation, and therefore makes it a great choice for the environmentally conscious: better insulation means less money spent on heating and in this case, fewer materials used to create the insulation.

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