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Why choose spray foam insulation?

Spray foam insulation creates an air-tight barrier within the walls and roof of your building, significantly improving its overall thermal performance.

Ensuring that you choose the correct material for your property insulation is essential. After all, there is no point investing in insulation for your property if the product is unable to offer a good enough thermal performance to really make a difference, or is certain to fail in the long term.

Spray foam insulation offers results on every front, being both a cost-effective and thermally efficient option for you to consider when choosing insulation for your property.

Want to know more about our spray foam insulation? Don't hesitate to contact us today on 0800 690 6338 and a member of our team will be happy to answer your enquiry.

Less material needed to achieve equal thermal value

The illustration below compares the thicknesses of some commonly used insulation products, including our own WALLTITE spray foam insulation, to achieve a comparable thermal performance. At just a glance, It is evident that the polyurethane spray foam significantly outperforms the alternative insulation products on the market, with much less material needed to achieve the same level of thermal efficiency.

Walltite thermal efficiency

Property insulation means climate protection and energy savings

Climate change is one of the major industrial challenges of our time. Business, science, politics and industry are being called upon to slow down any further rise in greenhouse gas emissions and use available resources more efficiently.

It is clear to everyone today that there is a finite limit to fossil fuel sources. Natural gas has recently become a focus of speculation.

Faced with these facts, various concepts and strategies for sustainable protection of the environment and climate, for the future, have been put forward. A key approach is improving thermal insulation in buildings.

A common concern for property owners is the costs entailed for energy conservation methods. When you choose our spray foam insulation, it pays for itself in less than ten years due to the amount you can save on your energy bills!

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Spray foam insulation ensures better thermal efficiency for your property

New and old buildings alike are subject to evolving energy saving and environmental protection requirements, with a keen focus on thermal efficiency. 

Uninsulated roofs and walls are responsible for approximately 60% of the heat loss in your building, so making sure that you have effective insulation in place is essential if you want your building to be considered thermally efficient.

Your roof is the most exposed area of your property and has to withstand various elemental challenges to its integrity whilst still providing reliable thermal insulation. 

At BHR, we use only the most up-to-date products and methods, ensuring that you are left with environmentally friendly and economic insulation for your property. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements!

Improve the efficiency rating on your building's Energy Certificate with spray foam insulation

The Kyoto Protocol has put pressure on industrialised countries to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases. According to the EU directive, energy certification aims to create incentives to carry out renovation measures, including the installation of insulation in properties where there currently is none.

An Energy Certification gives information on the energy rating of a property and must be issued when a property is sold, rented or built. The certificate ranks properties on a scale between A - G, with an A-rated building considered very thermally efficient and a G considered inefficient.

Insulation is the first logical step to consider when improving the thermal efficiency of your property. Our team have installed spray foam insulation for commercial and residential properties across London, the Midlands and the South. Contact us to get started today, on 0800 690 6338.